Over The Chessboard

Chess can be played by everyone, and with a little work, everyone can improve. Plus it's fun for all ages!

Over The Chessboard offers many programs for the grasshopper or the monster in you or your children. See our services for different opportunities and feel free to contact us with questions.

Our goal is to encourage more people to feel truly self-confident and take the skills they learn over the chessboard into real life.

Check back often for updates to programs and news and events!
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Why chess?

Research now proves chess increases both academic and social skills.  We know that chess can help boost self-esteem and augment logical and critical thinking.

Chess has been proven to improve academic scores in all areas (math, reading, and social).

Chess is fun for everyone!

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We hope to empower youth and encourage everyone to slow down, consider options, and get motivated to learn!


We are currently teaching 7 after school clubs in Charlotte, NC, and 3 summer camps.


Tournaments, workshops, and group lessons take place almost every day!


See Flyers for a pdf of a calendar or events you can print.

"Every master starts as a beginner!"  --Irving Chernev