Over The Chessboard

Everyone can play chess, and with a little work, achieve results. Plus it's fun for all ages!

Over The Chessboard offers lessons and events for the whole family! See services. Beginners through tournament-savvy players rated USCF 1300 are welcome. All ages!

We use chess as a tool to promote education, leadership, and respect. Our goal is to increase chess enthusiasm and to facilitate the transfer of skills learned over the chessboard into people's everyday lives.

Check back often for updates to programs and news and events!

Want lessons?   

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Email: jprescott@overthechessboard.com

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What's new?

Jessica's book is out!!
Try a sample activity here.
Book signing Sept 19, details TBA

New Article Every Wednesday on ChessKid! This week: 5 Ways to Defend and Win

Have a chess-related question you'd like answered on ChessKid? Ask Coach Jessica!

Women, Wine, and Chess on Wednesdays at Whole Foods (come when the kids are asleep) (Click for more....)


Check us out on Chess Life Online!


SGTI: Girls Chess Camp: CAMP IS OVER! Thanks for coming - to our speakers, too! See you at school! (Click for flyer)


Sake, Sushi, & Chess at 7th St Public Market - Every Thursday - July and August - lessons and games for adults 21+ only! (Click for flyer)


Check out 7th St Public Market Calendar for dates.

Why chess?

Research now proves chess increases both academic and social skills.  We also know that chess can help boost self-esteem and augment logical and critical thinking.

Chess is fun for everyone!

"Every master starts as a beginner!"  --Irving Chernev
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